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How to Create Physical Attraction


If you want to be successful at dating and attracting women, then creating Physical Attraction is vital.

The biggest difference between “just friends” and lovers is exactly that: physical attraction.

It’s a difficult skill to master, as you might have noticed. When a woman feels physical attraction she will want to touch you a lot, she’ll look at you in a certain way and, above all, she’ll love being around you.

During a conversation she’ll continue to look into your eyes, she’ll listen to what you have to say, even when a more handsome man walks by.


So how do you create physical attraction?

When I was younger I didn’t have a clue and did everything wrong. Hollywood movies portrayed women falling deeply in love when a man confessed his feelings for her, often in scenes where you see a man running behind a woman in some airport or large station, giving her compliments, paying for her drinks,…

So I thought those things were the secrets to physical attraction and love. I was a chameleon and adapted myself to the woman, so she would feel good. I asked questions like “where would you like to go on a date” / “you’re sure you’re fine with this right?” / “are you having fun?”.

This was my strategy, since I thought she would love to see me again and be around me when I made sure she was having a good time. I was sure that would create loads of physical attraction.

And yet…I always ended up being the best friend. You know, the man she never feels any form of attraction for. I was dazzled.

“am I not rich enough?” “should I be taller?” “Is it because I…” those were the type of questions I had. That was wrong. Women are different than men. They not only look different, they ARE different. They react in different ways and THAT’s where I was making mistakes.

When a man sees a woman, he sees her looks. For a man, her physical beauty is one of the main reasons he might be attracted to her.

Did you ever feel strong physical attraction to a really ugly woman?

Probably not.

But did you ever see a gorgeous woman with an ugly man?

Sure you have.

That was the biggest AHA moment I had back in the day. Men and women are different. Women have different physical attraction triggers than us, men.

Women are attracted to BEHAVIOUR, not to looks.

Your looks do matter, but not as much as you might think. A woman considers the following things before feeling attraction:

- the way you walk
- your body language in general
- the way you talk (voice tone, tonality, speed,…)
- how you act and react to other people
- what you do and don’t say
- how you react when she tests you (believe me, women test you all the time it’s their job)

So what behavior do women find attractive?


Men with leadership or power never have a shortage of women. Quality women.

I explain the details of this subject in the weekly podcasts you can subscribe to below, but leadership and self esteem create attraction.

Not changing your mind to please her, knowing what you want for yourself, not trying to be nice or worse, making sure she’s having a good time by asking questions like “you’re having fun right?” “can I kiss you?” “can I hold your hand?” “I hope I can see you again”

Do you feel where I’m going with this?

Physical attraction is something she’ll get when she has a certain feeling. It’s not an active decision she makes. She will feel attracted or she won’t.

When you ask 100 smart and gorgeous women what they find attractive in a man, you’ll always get answers that come down to one thing: how it makes her feel (humor, self confidence, …)

So if, as a man, you are too afraid to LEAD, then you will always end up in the friend category.

Leading is one of the things you can do to create attraction. She’ll see you lead when you pick the restaurant for the date, the table, when you don’t fail her little tests etc.

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